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Founded in September 1994, Sultana Affairs Management Inc.’s first name was Sultana Entertainment Enterprises (S.E.E.), a sole proprietorship owned by Daniel Rafael S. Prats. It was created to help promote the career of his children John and Camille Prats as rising stars in the entertainment industry. With numerous exposures in the industry, the marketing and events management company S.E.E., gained several clients with its competency in product launching, product activation, and events.

In order to be punctual and to accomplish deliverables like set requirements which third party suppliers belatedly provide, Mira Builders, another sole proprietorship, was also born in 1994 to produced sets and props for S.E.E. Their first successful project together was the “G-mik Nation Tour Concert", featuring stars of the hit youth-oriented show G-mik including John and Camille. This nationwide concert tour created doors of opportunities for both S.E.E. and Mira Builders.

In 2002, one of Sultana Entertainment Enterprises’ loyal clients needed below-the-line marketing campaigns. In order to serve and help the client, a new business was born to focus on media placement and production. Ad Gateway Inc. was the first Prats’ company to be incorporated in May 2002 and the Board of Directors were Daniel Rafael S. Prats, Alma Quiambao Prats, John Prats, Camille Prats, Giancarlo Nile Prats, and Shirla Soyao Davies. The name 'Ad Gateway' figuratively means door to advertising. From tri-media, ad fleets, billboards, transit ads, to other outdoor signage, Ad Gateway Inc. is the go-to company for advertising.

In January 2004, Sultana Entertainment Enterprises was incorporated and became Sultana Affairs Management Inc. (SAMI) as it is known today. SAMI together with Ad Gateway Inc. and Mira Builders worked on successfully big projects and brought in their own sets of clients.

In 2005, Mira Builders was incorporated and became DS Prats Inc. (DSPI). It became a full-service construction company specializing in finishing works. With hard work and quality service, they have gained their own roster of clients including BCNY, Unica Hija, Hammerhead, Hawk Bag, Dickies, and the list goes on.

In 2008, the board of directors decided to open up Dynamite Pixographics Inc. to support Ad Gateway Inc.’s billboard projects and bought their own large-format printers. It was named after John Prats since he is popularly known as the ‘Dancefloor Dynamite’. It was created in order to control and deliver quality services to clients, and to solve the problem of “over promise under deliver” into “under promise, over deliver.” As a result, Dynamite became the top supplier of the country’s top companies.

Also in 2008, the board of directors opened up a school in Cainta, Rizal known as Divine Angels Montessori of Cainta Inc. (DAMCI), and is headed by one of the directors, Camille Prats. It offered pre-elementary education within the Municipality of Cainta, Rizal and Pasig City. In 2014, it became a 4-storey building with a collegiate-inspired basketball court. DAMCI envisions a community of independent lifelong learners, who are active contributors to nation building, and to mold students into becoming well-rounded individuals of great mind and character.

In 2010, DS Prats Inc. has grown substantially by building houses, roads, and mid-rise buildings. It was accredited as a Class B General Contractor by the Philippine Constructors Accreditation Board (PCAB). It was later on renamed to DS Prats Construction and Development Inc. due to project biddings and to align with other companies.

In early 2011, Carmira Property Developers was created to handle company acquired properties. Developing the same for company use, it also serves as a vehicle for the housing development for loyal employees, leasing areas, and other future plans and expansion for the company.

In 2013, Technicon Construction was formed based on the partnership between Engr. Jose Flores and the Prats family. It was created to cater to government projects such as roads, ripraps, buildings, and a lot more.

In 2014, Technicon Construction became a success with numerous projects executed. However, the late delivery of raw materials from suppliers caused project delays, hence Mega 1900 was born. It became the subsidiary of Technicon to technically and promptly provide construction companies with quality raw materials.

Today, after almost 20 years in the business, this group of companies has grown and expanded into one diversified corporation headed by the CEO, Daniel Rafael S. Prats. The corporation was named after the head of the family of these companies, and became DS Prats Group of Companies. With affiliated companies like Technicon Construction and Mega 1900, DS Prats Group of Companies will continue to serve, to provide quality service, and to under promise, but over deliver in exceeding customer expectations.

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