The Montessori Philosophy

Divine Angels Montessori prides itself in being guided by the Montessori Philosophy of Education. Maria Montessori believed that children learn their best by doing things for themselves. We recognize that children learn most easily from birth to six years of age. At this stage in their lives, children know no limits in terms of motivation, and are therefore at the perfect time to achieve maximum competence and perfection of skills and comprehension.

The children are given the opportunity to learn basic knowledge and skills through their own interest and hands-on experience. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and develop their self-esteem. They learn to trust their own ability to think and solve problems independently.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to develop the child holistically; touching all areas of intelligences and providing each child opportunities to hone his God-given talents and strengths. We offer a more balanced program that utilizes the whole-brain approach to learning; incorporating the arts, self-awareness, social interaction, music, physical education and harmony with nature in core subject areas.

We use a variety of interdisciplinary instructional methods that appeal to all the intelligences, such as role-playing, musical performance, cooperative learning, reflection, visualization, story-telling, and so on. The development of your children’s thinking and problem-solving skills are highly achieved through life connections and practical day-to-day encounters incorporated into the syllabus.

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