Divine Angels Montessori of Cainta, Inc. is a family-owned educational institution founded by its President and School Directress, Ms. Camille Prats-Linsangan. Its academic center lies at #14 Ascona St., Village East Executive Homes, Cainta, Rizal and is currently the home of 190 children who get to experience the Montessori-Eclectic Approach to learning. With its continuous increase in population, it is considered one of the top growing schools in the municipality of Cainta.

When DAMCI was founded in year 2008, it only offered pre-elementary education with 60 students from inside the village and from the neighbouring subdivisions. Initially, DAMCI intended to cater to preschool children only; providing kids ages 3 - 5 with strong literacy foundation so that they will be well prepared to enter the elementary level. However, as the school year progressed, its board of directors, with the insistence of some parents decided to offer Elementary Level starting with 1st grade level, adding one level each school year so that in six years time, DAMCI will be offering the complete Elementary Course (Grades 1 -6). The very reason for this expansion is to provide DAMCI’s preschool graduates with the kind of learning environment and approach they have come to love and embrace.

At the end of the school year 2008 – 2009, DAMCI had 13 Preschool Graduates. On its second year of operation in SY 2009-2010, Divine Angels Montessori was granted by the Department of Education the permit to operate complete elementary course; that is, from the 1st grade level of instruction thru the sixth grade. However, DAMCI adhered to the plan of just progressing to one grade level each year. In January of 2012, DepEd granted recognition status for DAMCI’s Preschool Level.

DAMCI endeavours to keep up in the competitive world of Philippine academe by delivering the best quality of instruction through its competent and passionate teachers and staff, and by providing the most conducive learning environment through its facilities and equipment.

The year 2014 is a historic milestone for DAMCI as it opens its new and bigger academic center. Now on its sixth year of operation, DAMCI offers Pre-Kindergarten and Complete Elementary Level (K-6th Grade), adopting the K-12 curriculum mandated by the Department of Education. DAMCI’s curriculum is aligned and even goes beyond the requirements of DepEd as it desires to provide the best quality of education to its learners.

DAMCI is committed to continuously improve in order to realize its vision of helping the country by honing our country’s children. In the coming school year, DAMCI will open its doors to Grade 7 students and will continue to expand and develop year after year to be able offer the complete K-12 program in six years.

Inquire at 655-5551 / 212-1211 or email us at inquire@divineangelsmontessori.com