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Services we offer

Private Security Guards
Secure your establishment or home with our highly trained security guards. Accurate security agency (ASIAI) has been providing quality security guards from small to medium and large scale corporations for over 10 years now. See list of our ever growing clients here.

VIP Escorts
ASIAI – Offers VIP Escorts from motorcycle (motorcade), to convoy security detail groups. Equipped with sirens, firearms, and bullet proof cars our escorts can either help you thru ensuring a quick route at high traffic areas on special events or on a regular basis, or service you with ensured protection.

Private Investigation
Know who you can trust. ASIAI offers a detailed background investigation on people, financials, properties and other important records. Our in dept background checks will ensure you your ease of mind for your decision in trusting the people you deal with everyday.

ASIAI – offers monitoring services to your employees, suspected individuals, or even to closely related people in your life. Investigation thru surveillance can ensure your safety of your assets, trust and even a good peace of mind on your end.

CCTV Installation
ASIAI – also offers CCTV or Closed Circuit TVs to your establishments, home or properties. Ensure your assets 24 hours by monitoring what’s actually happening live, or make records of transactions and people who comes in and out of your establishments. ASIAI installs surveillance cameras and monitoring equipments to establishments for it’s in house operational and monitoring use.

- Trained
- Licensed
- Qualified
- Uniformed
- Well Equipped

- Round the Clock (24 hrs)
- Whole Year Round
- (365 days) Nightly Monitoring


CCTV Cameras Installation and Alarms Installation

Back Ground Check and Credit Verification

Private Investigation Services / Records Search and Verification